Nintendo announces discounts of up to 75% in more than 1,000 games for Nintendo Switch

At the gates of the famous Black Friday, dozens of companies begin to seduce their customers with more attractive offers. Nintendo is not far behind in this idea and, therefore, it revives its cibercéstas to present more than 1,000 games with discounts of up to 75%. And, as it is already a trend in this kind of events, the Japanese company will maintain these prices temporarily, so you can already do a gap between November 18 at 15: 00 (Spanish peninsular time) and November 30 at 23: 59 (Spanish peninsular time) to consult some Nintendo bargains.

What Will Nintendo Announce at the Game Awards?! [2021 Predictions] We are more than sure that, among the hundreds of games that present a discount, you will find some title that calls your attention with your balance of proposal and price. But, as it is already custom in this house, here we leave you a set of 10 outstanding offers that will provide you with that search between Nintendo s deliveries.

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Keep in mind that there are hundreds of sales for Nintendo Switch that complement the outstanding offers that you have just read, so do not hesitate to enter the official page of La Shop to know all the bargains of the Cibercetas promotion.


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