Lace duo marched

On Friday evening, the two leaders presented. While the SSG Elbert celebrated an unchallenged victory in Turn Düsseldorf, the CFB sat 03 Hidden on home soil with 4: 2 against the second-bottom SC Dusseldorf-West by. Higher headed standings Elbert six minutes left alone at the far post after a corner early lead. Until the break Turn stopped the result openly and cheerfully played with. That did not manage the people of Düsseldorf in the second round. Machetes (56th), who also later the 4: 0! (83), was from a distance and Urban, of the eight minutes later with his head on the spot, provided the preliminary decision. After all, the honor by Alaskan was short yet granted the home team before the final whistle.

Followers Hidden was also an early lead — Schaumburg (6) converted a penalty — but had to swallow shortly after the compensation by Schroeder (11). Already in the 20th minute of Düsseldorf Khartoum saw the second yellow card. In outnumber the balance of power was finally clear. Hellenism (38th and 40th) with a lightning-caused double before the break for a calming leadership of the home team. Although brought Letters (54) SC Düsselstrand Village West again to 2: 3 zoom, ultimately fighting guests had ten of the runners but oppose only little. For the final score made three minutes before the final whistle Sonatas — 2: 4.

Leather And Lace - Stevie Nicks and Don Henley first season defeat for Bolt — Baum berg climbs over the bar

While the top two Elbert and Hidden import threatened victory, their closest pursuer Bolt went meanwhile nothing. Ratingen against 19.4 the team of Jan Winking subject to a surprising degree with 0: 3, a defeat that is in a sense doubly painful for the first FCB. By the outward collapse of the gap to the top is not only grown to five points, but it was at the same time also the first Bolt defeat at all this season. Despite an optical overweight on the part of the first FCB over almost the entire season, it was on that day, but the home side, who scored the goals. With the first significant attack Play brought his team already in the seventh minute early lead. Before the break the home side then put even. After fine assisted by Potter La midi was there and completed the 2: 0 half-time lead. After the break, the favorite did everything to turn things around again. Against the steely defensive bulwark of the home team the best offensive of the league was on that day but no way through. As Trauma Miami in stoppage time to 3: 0 increased, the first season defeat of the guests was perfect (90 + 3).

At the gap between promotion and relegation round there was meanwhile a position change. The Sportfreunde Baum berg harvested while the reward for the strong performances in recent weeks. Against PSV Duisburg, the team of Salah El Haiti celebrated his third consecutive victory, defeating the Keller kind with 1: 0th In the table, the sports fans eat slid by on the rest SW over and now occupy the last relegation place for promotion round.

Important Away Triple Klee, Schonnebeck and Meerbusch

Air in the battle for qualification for promotion round were able to get even the TSV Meerbusch that PVG Schonnebeck and 1. FC Klee by three points away from home. The TSV Meerbusch abducted thanks to a strong second half three points from Monday and climbed by eighth — Result 1: 3. Without major problems the PVG Schonnebeck solved their task in Ziegfeld and defeated the TV John 3: 0th Exciting until the last minute, however, was the clash between 1. FC Mönchengladbach and 1. FC Klee. The team of UMT Alpina led to 73 minutes confidently with 2: 0th A transformed penalty by Hope left the hope of sparking the home side in the closing stages but once again to glow. Ultimately, the first FCC rocked the tight 2: 1 lead but still over time. For the DVD Elbert, however, the air is getting thinner. Against the DKK Teutonic St. Tons it put the third defeat in a row, with which the pad is melted to stick to a measly counter for Elbert.

On the other hand, the jump over the stroke missed the sports lovers of Niederwenerners and the SC Elbert. The team of Marcel Kraushaar did not go beyond a 1: 1 against Rothenberger SC. Niederwenerne is thus with 14 points in place 13 of the table. The SC Elbert also left important points. Against the SC Union Neutral, the SCV gave a 1-0 lead from the hand and thus slips in place 15 — Full score 1: 1. On the other hand, FC Ray continues to move in the direction of the hot places of the rise round. With 2: 1, the FCC sat down at the final light of the Terrace North and celebrated the second victory in a row. The distance on rank eleven is now only a counter.


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