Gnabry, Coman, Rüdiger: So Plant the FC Bayern

The Personnel Antonio Rudder, Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman take care of the German football record champion FC Bayern for abundant work. In addition, the Munich still have an open position.

That the FC Bayern Antonio Rudder has from FC Chelsea on the note is an open secret, in the face of the frame details but also only the logical consequence.

At the age of 28, Rudder is in the best football age, the Vita of the central defender also has massive operations in three top leagues (Germany, Italy, England), the Champions League and already 49 international matches. However, that Rudders contract expires in the summer of 2022 is likely to be the crucial argument for the Munich.

However, the chances of the Munich are probably manageable according to record champion Image. Rudder prefer the whereabouts in London, where he is totally well-effective, so the report. The fact that the FC Chelsea should offer the defender in an extension only 8.5 million euros, but Rudder feels like blow in the face.

FC Bayern could meet Rudders demand

The native Berliner was convincing to the record champions magazine, Bavaria could therefore often offer the sum. Priority is supposed to have on the Sabine Strafe the new occupation of another position in the squad.

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The record champion Image wants to learn that one is looking for a replacement for right-back Bound Carr. The 29-year-old Frenchman is allegedly getting rid of in Munich, Carr (contract until 2024) should have little interest in a farewell. Especially since he should not collect badly.

This is certainly true in the Bavarian state capital for Kingsley Coman (contract until 2023) and Serge Gnabry (contract until 2023), the situation of the two wingers is probably very different.

While the talks are to run over an extension with Gary and exercise completion 2022, the negotiations with Woman are according to the report on ice. A change in the summer 2022, however, be no topic, it says.


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