FIFA 22 starts its special event at FUT by the Black Friday with new letters, SBC Flash and more

Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday complying with Thanksgiving in the United States. It typically marks the start of the Xmas buying period in the United States. Several stores deal extremely advertised sales at discounted rates as well as usually open early, sometimes as very early at twelve o'clock at night and even on Thanksgiving. Some stores' sales remain to Monday ( Cyber Monday ) or for a week ( Cyber Week ). Taking place on the fourth Friday in November unless November 1st is a Friday, Black Friday has actually consistently been the busiest purchasing day of the year in the USA because 2005.

BLACK FRIDAY is on all sides. And not only since today, which is really the day, but from all over the month. But since EA Sports they have respected the date with neatness, and we already have in FIFA 22 a special event for Ultimate Team with enough news.

Among the novelties, the inclusion of the Signature Signings stands out. For the first time in history, the game will have new player articles in special edition to celebrate some of the most successful signings in the history of recent soccer.

These new letters will receive permanent updates to remember their seasonal starters brilliant in their current clubs. These are the first players included.

10 Things to Expect during FIFA 22 Black Friday!

On the other hand, the new Flash SBS have also been included. Challenges of template creation that will be available for limited time throughout the weekend, with a few hours and with different rewards, forcing them to be attentive to the rewards that each of them gives.

There will also be rewards for daily participation. The SBC daily from Black Friday will be launched on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Monday at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular Schedule). If you complete the 4 days in a row to win the group reward for the corresponding objective of the Black Friday.

Also, throughout the week there will be a new free reward for objectives on the occasion of the Black Friday. Four different rewards with different prizes:

Win 5 matches in any FUT mode — on the Draft tab Win 10 matches in any FUT mode — Premium gold players Win 15 matches in any way of Fut — Measure (In transferable) Win 25 matches in any way of FUT — Measure (in transferable)

The reward for getting the four objectives is an envelope of premium gold premium players.

Nor should we forget that, on the occasion of the Black Friday, FM receives a special content called Best of Tow, which will be two special teams with the best players who have gone through the team of the week. You can see the first one below.


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