FC Bayern a disadvantage? Real wants four top for rüdiger

At the moment Antonio Rudder is one of the freely Free Agents of the football business. The central defender can leave the FC Chelsea in the next summer after the current booth free shipping. According to rumors, numerous top clubs from all over Europe hunt for the German international — including FC Bayern. A particularly high-quality package now seems to lace Real Madrid.

No lesser than Florentino Pérez, his sign president of the royal, Rudder should have exploring the wish player for the defense. According to information of the Catalan newspaper El National Real is even ready to sacrifice four stars for the obligation of the former Stuttgart er.

Accordingly, the Madrilène s planning to relieve the salary budget to create new resources for Rudder. Apparently, Eden Hazard, who could never justify its 115 million euros, could never justify Casino, DISCO and Marco Assist with appropriate offers.

Great competition for Bavaria

Rudder s contract at Champions League winner Chelsea runs out at the end of the season. In addition to Real, FC Bayern and the FC Barcelona are interested in the 28-year-old.

From Dream to Team | FC Bayern World Squad Episode 3 The defensive man keeps all the options open so far. Even an extension in London does not seem to be off the table.

I always said that Chelsea is my contact person number one. I m currently focusing on Chelsea. You will see what happens, Rudder the World on Sunday answered recently asked if he had a return to Germany could imagine.

He did not set a time window for a decision on his future: I now focus on what is right now. I m guilty of the club, the coach and the team.

Should real, however, make serious and creating new scope for a lucrative offer by sales of top earners, Rudder s way 2022 could lead to Madrid.


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