Farewell to the FC Barcelona? Ter Stegen meets basic decision

The FC Barcelona is currently carrying out probably the largest club crisis of the past decade: Ter Stegeny you run after your own high goals after years, which has been mercilessly sharpened in the past cents. To invest, expensive stars must be sold. A name that keeps coming again and again: Marc-André TER Steven. The German should now have decided.

Since Club Legend Xavi has taken over the coaching office at the FC Barcelona, ​​there is a mood of the Catalans, this was fueled by his successful prelude to the sideline, a 1: 0 success against Español Barcelona.

In the Tor Stand in the city of Lyon, also under the new coach Marc-André TER Steven, who has been number one at the Catalans for years. However, in the current season, the German international could not always bring his undisputed class to the lawn, critical voices on his performance multiplied.

Not a few in the Barça environment should even demand the separation of 29-year-olds. This reports Dario Go. Nice side effect: Barcelona could certainly stimulate a rich revenue and would get some scope on the transfer market again.

Can Barça can afford an expensive bank pressure?

Tearful Ter Stegen Waves Goodbye to Mönchengladbach The supposed bill, however, did the Bluegrass without the keeper. According to the report, TER basically plans to sweep the back to the FC Barcelona. Above all, a recently by the media-colored change to the new Premier League Club Newcastle United had completely excluded, it says.

Even if TER Steven (Treaty until 2025) remains, Barça should be Dario Go in search of an alternative in the goal. If this applies, however, the club would open a new construction site. Given the tense financial situation, the fans could hardly sell that one of TER webs makes a tremendous bank pressure.

Especially since the manageable services of TER Steven in the course of the season certainly also to explain with the weak occurrence of his forces. If Xavi can tear the rudder, the final man should float again.


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