EA The last organization to withdraw from GDC

EA cancels the appearance of GDC and reduces participation in other events

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EA announced that it would no longer participate in the GDC 2020 this year. GDC should take place from March 16th to 20th in San Francisco. Sony and Kolyma Productions have already removed from the event.

The news has been unveiled on a LinkedIn ticket from Alex Hear, a specialist in advertising product development at EA

I have just received a word from the company, and will limit our presence at GDC, canceling our participation in GDC s official events, and all EA employees have been notified not to go to San Francisco for the conference.

Her s message has been confirmed by GameS pot, which contacted EA for a statement.

After following the global situation with the coronavirus and with the recent climbing of cases in new regions, we decided to take additional measures to protect the well-being of our employees, including the restriction of all Non-essential trips. As a result, we also annul our official participation in GDC and limit participation in other events. We continue to monitor the situation and adapt guidelines to our employees if we deem appropriate. »

Coronavirus had a huge impact on global business, and the video game industry is no exception. Nintendo has trouble following switch making because of the virus. The Switch version of Outer Worlds has been delayed. The virus is also responsible for the cancellation and postponement of several game events and tournaments.

Source: LinkedIn, GameS pot

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