Dead by Daylight Lakt new, female killer - and that s probably sexy

The new killer Indead by Daylight was jelly. We show you what we already know about the mysterious lady.

Dead by Daylight is known in the community especially for two things: curious bugs with damn funny effects and leaks, who betrayed much too much from the future of the game in advance. Both are in recent weeks and now there are first clues to new killers.

One of them is purposely touched piece by piece, the other was probably lacted by employees.

What will be tabled? For several days, Dead by Daylight is hiding small hints in the web site code. The Twitter account DBD-Leaks had already found the following clues:

alet CK Blae

In the correct order, the The Black Vale gives.

The Black Vale is a secret organization that appears in several story texts from Dead by Daylight. This is a cult of people in black robes, who are trying to lift humanity at the next level of being in several realities. They are mentioned in the background history of Elodie Rakoto. They were also significantly involved in the creation of Victor and Charlotte, the killer the twins.

But also a picture of the new killer was treated. This is apparently a woman who looks pretty good - for dead-by-daylight ratios. Only their arms raise the impression that you may not want to shake your hand.

Perks and skills are still completely unknown.

The assumption is suggested that it is a leader of the cult The Black Vale - there is more about it in the coming days.

Incidentally, the upcoming survivor also looks suspicious of the well-known DBD Streamer Otzdarva - which also noticed some community members:

Next chapter probably also Lakes: The Conjuring

What was still lacted? Apart from that, a few coming assets were also lacted - so different objects that stand around in the game. They belong to a map that probably appears only with chapter 23 - that would be the other chapter and probably planned for February 2022. The assets suggest the assumption that chapter 23 is a cooperation with the franchise The Conjuring, in German known as the Visitation.

This is a quite new horror franchise, which has already received many movie boards since 2013 - the Anabelle films or The Now also belong to this universe.

Who could be the killer and survivors here, is not yet known. Whether the second leak turns out to be true, we will probably only learn against early 2022.

More News around Dead by Daylight is here on MeinmMo:

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10 Most Dangerous Bugs In The World Community is excited: The reddit community of Dead by Daylight has a somewhat difficult past when it comes to attractive killers. After all, the K-Pop killer Trickster was called directly to the sex symbol and was within the first days after announcement inspiration for numerous fan arts, which you might not want to see so accurate.

It can be assumed that the new killer will trigger a similar hype - where you should avoid corresponding subreditits for a while.


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