Black Friday Bug: Telekoma with 50 GB data for only 14.99 euros! [Advertisement]

The Black Friday is here and presents us directly an absolutely unbeatable offer. At Mobil com Debited you get just 50 GB data volume in the popular telecom network including All net Flat for incomprehensibly cheap 14.99 euros per month!

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Directly to the offer of Mobil com Debited

50 GB Data volume + Flat for only 14.99 euros: How good is the offer?

Short answer: perfect. Even on Black Friday, Mobil com Debited undercuts the competition with this cracker partly by more than half. Comparable offers go from 29.99 euros. The tariff usually costs 46.99 euros a month, your saves Currently so 68%!

The package of 50 GB data volume and All net Flat is of course huge. So you really do not have to worry about throttled internet and can use your smartphone on the way as at home.

The net of Telecom is very popular with Night. It is fast and stable and nationwide available. Of course, the offer is only live, and you should strike as far as possible before it is gone. If you do not exactly do it, you can start the contract until 31.12. Choose flexibly.

Keeping the overview of all the offers of Black Friday is not so easy. Our practical overview can help you here:

more on the subject

All Black Friday offers in the overview of Gamer.

So you can save the connection price

For the tariff, a uniquely paying connection price of 39.99 euros is due. You can back this thanks to today's offer but and saves you completely. You just have to send an SMS with the text AP free (without quotation marks) to number 8362 within the first six weeks after activation. Mobil com Debited reimburses the amount then back.

Your savings: The contract has a minimum term of 24 months. If one calculates the amounts for these two years and assumes that their timeline writes the SMS, this results in a savings of Sage and write 897.99 euros! Come barely.

Now secure 50 GB of data volume for only 14.99 euros

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