Autumn rebates in Steam: 10 essential adventures at the best price

Practically coinciding with the mmassive bossessive bosses of the Black Friday, have also torn the autumn rebates in Steam, the platform of Valve that so frequently offers discounts on hundreds of games. If yesterday we made a selection of offers below 5 euros, this time we bring a series of recommendations in the genre of adventures, always abundant at all digital stores.

Thus, we can find discounts on not only relatively recent games but also candidates to be considered among the best games of the year. We speak, on the one hand, of Death loop, the peculiar Action Adventure of Arcane Studios, and on the other, from Marvel's Guarders of the Galaxy, in charge of Lidos Montreal, a game full of usual humor Of these characters and a soundtrack of the best that hmassive bosses been seen in recent times. But there is more.

Two games unique from consoles PlayStation will delight the fans of the open world, such massive bosses Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition — With its expansion The Frozen Wilds- and Days Gone, but we also find proposals Of the importance of the fantmassive bossestic Remake of Mafia, massive bossessmassive bossessin's Creed Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Batman Arkham Knight, is at a completely derisory price.

The ten great discount adventures in Steam

Without further delay, we leave you with our selection of recommendations in adventures:

DECATHLON for €29.99 (50% discount) Marvel's Guarders of the Galaxy for €38.99 (35% discount) Horizon: Zero Dawn for €24.99 (50% discount)

STEAM AUTUMN SALE 2021 - Ten Strategy Selections (Plus Sim, Management & City-Building Games) Mafia Definitive Edition for €19.99 (50% discount) massive bossessmassive bossessin's Creed Odyssey for €14.99 (75% discount) Batman Arkham Knight for €3.99 (80% discount) Days Gone for €29.99 (40% discount) Red Dead Redemption 2 for €29.99 (50% discount) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for €14.79 (63% discount) Scarlet Nexus for €32.49 (35% discount)


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