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Atari VCS (code name Atari box) is a microconsole produced by Atari SA. While its physical design is meant to pay homage to the Atari 2600, the brand-new Atari VCS plays contemporary video games and also streaming home entertainment through a Linux-based OS called Atari OS that will enable individuals to download and install and also set up other suitable games, consisting of those suitable with Windows 10. The system shares a name with Atari, Inc.s 1977 Video clip Computer system, normally shortened to VCS, which was relabelled to the Atari 2600 in late 1982. The system was initial exposed in June 2017 and partially crowdfunded beginning in May 2018. After a number of delays, the console was anticipated to deliver in March 2020, yet was postponed again to that December because of the COVID-19 pandemic. First devices to backers were delivered in December 2020, while the console had a general launch on June 15, 2021. Shipping was initially limited to the USA only by Atari and official suppliers. Since October 2021, delivery has actually been increased to consist of Canada, when getting straight from the Atari VCS Store.

At Amazon, the Black Friday has started at midnight. In addition to many other offers such as 4K TVs and games, there are also the good for the PlayStation 5 suitable SSD Samsung 980 Pro at a reasonable price. The version with 1 TB of memory will get you for 139 euros. According to comparison platforms, it is now nowhere cheaper to get.

Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB SSD for €139 at Amazon

An even better offer is the version with 2 GB of storage space, which you can get for 269.99 euros. According to Ideal, this variant has never been nearly so favorable. According to the Comparison Portal, the cheapest price was 299.98 euros.

Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB SSD for €269,99 at Amazon

More Black Friday deals at Amazon can be found here:

Black Friday Week at Amazon: Among the offers

How well is the Samsung Pro 980 suitable for the PS5?

The Samsung Pro 980 not only has the right form factor to fit into the PS5, it is fast enough with a reading speed of 7,000 MB / s and a White speed of 5,000 MB / s. The PlayStation 5 requires a read speed of at least 5,500 MB / s, which does not create any SSD.

My Plan for Black Friday 2021  - Shop Smart The offered version of the Samsung 980 Pro does not have a heat sink. Before use in the PS5, you should therefore buy and attach to protect the SSD from overheating. Heat sinks are not very expensive, the cheapest copies you get up from 5 euros (giving much more expensive and higher quality models). However, you must be careful that the heat sink is not too thick to fit in the PS5. Here are a few examples of suitable heat sinks:

Advancing Gene, Universal Type Be quiet! MC1 EC360 Aluminum M.2 SSD Cooler Eluting M.2 2280 SSD Cooler Trends M.2 cooler

More for how to pay attention to the PS5 when installing an SSD, you will learn here:

138 6

more on the subject

Expand PS5 memory: compatible SSDs, heat sink and all requirements

Black Friday 2021: The best deals in the overview

Not only at Amazon, but also with other dealers such as Otto, Mediamarkt and Saturn, the Black Friday offers started. An overview of the best deals and the most important actions, especially with regard to the gaming area, can be found here:

Black Friday 2021: The best deals in the overview

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