Alternate – Black Friday Start: Philips 4K

Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday complying with Thanksgiving in the USA. Lots of shops provide extremely promoted sales at affordable rates and also typically open very early, in some cases as early as midnight and even on Thanksgiving.

Philips Ambilight 4K TV: Picture Settings, Apps & Lights Overview! Black Friday has consistently been the busiest buying day of the year in the USA since a minimum of 2005.

Alternate has started his Black Friday Sale, or at least one part of it. The dealer starts offers from another area every day. Today, TV and audio offers as well as toys today. Morning follow household appliances, on Wednesday is gaming in the row, on Thursday, PC components come. For the right Black Friday on Friday, alternate should probably also save a few highlights. Click here for action:

Black Friday at Alternate: To the offers

Highlight: Philips PUS7855 4K TV with Alight

One of the highlights among the TV offers today is the 4K television Philips PUS7855, which you get in size 55 inches for 449 euros. According to comparison platforms, the model has never been so cheap before.

Philips 55PUS7855 (4K, 55 inches, Alight) instead of €529 for €449 at Alternate

Alight: The Philips PUS7855 is a 4K TV from 2020 and one of the cheapest models with the Alight feature of Philips. At Alight, the wall is illuminated behind the TV in the colors of the image to provide suitable lighting in space in the room and make the image appear larger. Especially with film evenings in dark rooms, this is very impressive.

Picture & OS: In the picture quality, the Philips PUS7855 cuts quite well for its price, but it does not lift itself apart from the competition in the same price range. The operating system serves the in-house SA PHI, which helps most major streaming services, but a total of a slightly limited app support offers. If you want an Android TV with good app support, you can grab the more expensive Philips PUS8505.

Gaming: The INPUT was of Philips PUS7855 lies according to independent measurements at a good 20 ms. Thus, the TV is well suited for gaming, current models of other manufacturers such as Samsung or LG react a little faster on entries. About HDMI 2.1 does not have the Philips PUS7855, but you can not expect that at this price.

Philips 55PUS7855 (4K, 55 inches, Alight) instead of €529 for €449 at Alternate

Other TV offers in Alternate Black Friday Sale (Selection):

Philips 58pus8505 (4K, 58 inches, Alight) instead of €689 for €569 LG OLED 48C17 (4K, 48 inches, HDMI 2.1) instead of €1.649 for €999 (Use Code LG-Black100 ) LG 43NANO759 (4K, 43 inches) instead of €649 for €439 Grinding 65GUA7000 (4K, 65 inches) instead of €699 for €499 Samsung GU-656979 (4K, 65 inches) instead of €699 for €559

Black Friday at Alternate: To the offers

Black Friday 2021: The best deals

In addition to Alternate, many other traders like Amazon, Mediamarkt or Otto Black Friday deals are already running. The overview of some of the best deals can be found here:

Black Friday 2021: The best deals

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