NBA News: Michael-Jordan

The 16th of October is the 289th day of the Gregorian calendar (290. in manual years), thus staying 76 days until the end of the year.

For the record amount of converted 1.26 million euros, a few old basketball shoes have been auctioned by Michael Jordan. As much as those $ 1.472 million at an auction of the Sotheby s house has never been paid for shoes worn by a sports star.

Jordan played in the fifth match of his rookie season at the Chicago Bulls in 1984 in the white leather fades with the red Nike Swoosh . The price, which was paid for you in Las Vegas, exceeds the previous record clearly: In August 2020, almost 530,000 euros were paid for another pair of basketball shoes Jordan.

The now auctioned record boots ( Nike Air Ships ) were signed by Jordan and a gift to Tommie Tim III Lewis, a ball boy of Denver Nuggets in the 1984/85 season. Whether the bottom will have long stock is questionable: Trading with sports memorabilia is booming.

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