NBA: Dallas Mavericks tremble the comeback victory against Spurs

Luka Dončić (born February 28, 1999 in Ljubljana) is a Slovenian basketball player who has been active in North American Profiliga NBA for Dallas Mavericks since 2018. He is considered the greatest talent in European basketball and has already received numerous individual awards at a young age - including the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) of the Euroleague and the League ACB and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

After a wander up and down the Dallas Mavericks have a concise 104: retracted 99 win over the San Antonio Spurs. The Mavs struggling thanks to the strong banking from a 20-point deficit back before even Luka Dončić gets going. Maxi adhesive sets a Karrierebestwert.

Dallas Mavericks (3-1) - San Antonio Spurs (1-4) 104: 99 (Boxscore)

The starters of the home side got off to a disastrous start, Dallas was quickly with 20 points behind. Then there was the second unit to Maxi adhesive and Jalen Brunson who breathed the Mavs new life. The Guard put 19 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists to (+21), glue collected counter 12 (4/8 triple) and 10 rebounds, also he presented with 6 blocks be a career high. The plus / minus value of the German was excellent +22.

Top scorer of the Mavericks was nevertheless Luka Dončić who turned up in the second half and 10 marked important points in the final section. Overall, he came up with 25 points (11/19 FG), but with him everything was going on that evening definitely not according to plan (5 assists with seven turnovers). From the free throw line he even met not one of his three attempts, the team was at 13.04 from the charity stripe.

It was an ugly game, concludes adhesive was. We had a slow start, but the second unit has brought us energy and because the starters have been linked. No matter how ugly this game was, we won and this victory we take with us.

advanced on the part of the Spurs Dejounte Murray the best man, 23 points (10/17 FG), 10 rebounds and 8 assists were the end for him in the Boxscore. Bryn Forbes contributed 15 points in the bank, Lonnie Walker IV and Jacob Pöltl were each on 14 points. The Vienna also grabbed 13 rebound and 2 blocks.

Maxi adhesive and Brunson bring Mavs back into the game

After Kristaps Porzingis bothered already in a duel with the Rockets the back, he got a break against the second Texas rivals. For that Reggie Bullock was in the starting five, but Dallas had to contend with huge teething problems. San Antonio rolled over the home team with a 18: 1 start, the Mavs offense was absolutely no rhythm.

landed from the first eleven throw attempts in one basket, the projection of the Spurs grew up to 20 meters. Only after nine and a half minutes of the game, a Mavs player brought, does not listen to the name Luka, points on the scoreboard. Brunson brought offense off the bench a boost, adhesives showed some good defensive actions and Dallas shortened to the end of the first quarter, after all, at 15:25.

Dallas Mavericks Full Team Highlights in 104-99 COMEBACK Win Over the Spurs (10.28.2021) The Defense of reservists was an important factor why Dallas turned in the second section the game. Kleber was already at half time in 4 blocks, San Antonio remained quarter across nearly nine minutes without a successful field goal. The German fought alongside Brunson also against the brick collection on the other side of the court on several triple the duo brought Dallas center of the district for the first time in front. But Forbes and Murray monitored for Spurs again, 49:47 San Antonio for half-time.

Dallas Mavericks: jitter victory after a strong comeback

According to the different runs in the first half, the two teams provided a balanced affair in the third section. Glue set another highlight block against the onrushing Pöltl, meanwhile Doncic was always better to his game. It went with 76:76 in the final section.

After a few minutes in the fourth quarter adhesive sank another triple for guidance to further extending the now hot running Doncic. Quarter Across the Mavs star sank eight shots in a row, two Step Back Triple brought Dallas +10 it. A preliminary decision was not that yet.

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San Antonio kept it exciting, partly because Pöltl Dwight Powell was clearing bad, Dallas herschenkte the ball Doncic next sat two free throws and Murray for a threesome 99: 102 well one minute before the end of pounding through the trap. But shortly after the 25-year-old with a tip-in and Dallas failed increased in several attempts from the free throw line, bagging for victory. For the Mavs, it is already in the night on Saturday with the match against the Denver Nuggets (from 4 pm live on DAZN ) on.


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