MLB, World Series: Atlanta Braves against Houston 2: 1 Front

Braves vs. Astros World Series Game 1 Highlights (10/26/21) | MLB Highlights Against the Houston Astros there was a 2-0 on Friday night. In the series, the Braves now lead 2: 1. The title gain needs four victories. The two upcoming games are also in Atlanta. The next one is already on Saturday evening (local time). For grubby weather with persistent rain, the Braves left the first hit of Astros on Friday night (local time) only in the eighth inning. In points, the guests could not have the hits but not. The Atlanta Braves brought the championship so far three times, most recently 1995. For the Astros, the title 2017 was the only one in the World Series so far. Despite a proven fraud, the team was allowed to keep the championship. Now it has been known for the first time the allegations two years ago again in the final series.


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