Little Devil Inside: Neues Action

Last night, the PS5 revelation event took place under the motto The Future of Gaming. In addition to a variety of games, the console itself was revealed. On the other hand, well-known franchises came before, which get a new offshoot, but on the other hand completely new playing brands. Among them was the Zelda-like action roleplay Little Devil Inside.

This is exactly how it is Ein action-adventure role-playing with survival elements that takes place in an atmospheric, semi-open world.

In the official trailer you can see a knight that explores a hostile world and experiencing different adventures. On the other side you can see an old man who leads a noble life. In the end, it can be seen him with a series of warriors that he picks up his sword.

Little Devil Inside - Official Gameplay Trailer | State of Play Presumably, there will be two parallel stories here, which overlap in the course of the plot.

Particularly striking is the art style of the game. In addition to a lot of action, the trailer points to different gameplay elements such as the abseiling from a mountain or sliden.

The development of the game has begun years ago, but has never been completed. Originally it was planned for 2016 and should be released for the Nintendo Wii u. The developers are probably from South Korea.

At the end of the trailer, we will see that the game for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 will be temporally exclusive. At a later date, it should also appear for the PC.

financed by the platform Kickstarter

Very interesting is the fact that the game was financed by crowdfunding.

The game can be found on the platform Kickstarter, one of the most successful suppliers in this area. This is often used to finance innovative products such as video games by turning to the public. More specifically, you try to win as many prospects as possible. Whether a project is ultimately realized, the prospects decide in the end.

Unfortunately, we do not know more about Little Devil Inside at the moment. As soon as new details appear on the game, we will inform you immediately. Finally, you can watch the trailer yourself.

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