FIFA 22: Rulebreakers Event starts tomorrow - brings unique players

INFIFA 22 starts on Friday, October 28, the event Rulebreakers. We show you what s in the event and what you can expect for card types.

When starts Rulebreakers? The Rulebreakers Event in Ultimate Team launches as usual at 19:00 on Friday evening. This shows a new charging screen in Fut, which indicates the new event.

Last Minute *INVESTMENTS* For RULEBREAKERS | FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

It follows with the RTTK event in which dynamic maps related to real football have been published.

At the Rulebreakers event, however, you can count on players who basically have the opposite of a real subscription to football. What these are for cards, we show you here.

What cards brings the Rulebreakers event?

These are Rulebreakers cards: We already know the Rulebreakers from FIFA 21. There it was players who leave their old game style - and by getting newly diced values.

Such an example was Harry Kane. The Englishman is usually known for its strong degree, not for its pace. But his Rulebreakers card was simply a 91 to the speed, which made him effectively made a different kind of player.

Another example was the Douglas Costa playing at Bavaria, who got a decent boost on his shots, in exchange for a little less speed. Thus, the tricky Brazilian suddenly became properly graduated.

Rulebreakers thus brings unique cards that players can transform into completely different types. Anyone who is this year is likely to show themselves to the event start. However, last year, there was a thick server crash to Rulebreakers start.

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No Ultimate Scream again?

Since now the Rulebreakers event has been announced, it can be assumed that no Ultimate Scream event will take place this year. That was actually the typical Halloween event in FIFA until last year, but was then replaced by Rulebreakers.

There are a few Halloween cosmetics in the shop and in the goals of Ultimate Team. It is possible that this remain the only Halloween content - after all, the grusel festival takes place at the weekend.

In addition, the weekend League is in FIFA 22 on the weekend as always. There it can be worth it from time to time and to sink some free shipping in the opposing box - tips on free-eating in FIFA 22 can be found here.


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