FIFA 22: The 4 best Bundesliga

You want to build a team 22 Ultimate Team? Here we show you rewarding teams for different coin budgets.

That s why it is worthwhile to build teams: In FIFA 22, the transfer market in Ultimate Team is unusually low. Cards that would have been noticeably more expensive in earlier offspring of the series, there are sometimes already for very little coins.

An example is Robert Lewandowski, which has the second highest gold card in FIFA 22 in the rating. The attacker costs just about 35,000 coins. A real bargain for a 92 card.

Such examples can be found any amount. Therefore, it can now be worthwhile to look more comprehensive what cards are well suited for their own team.

Why Bayer Leverkusen are the best Bundesliga Career Mode team Here you will find a little inspiration if you want to play with Bundesliga players in Ultimate Team. We show you teams for small, medium and large budgets.

The teams were compiled with the Squad Builder of the Futbin page (via Futbin).

Best Bundesliga team in fut for little coins

What is that for a team? In this team, we focused on players, of which nobody exploses the 10,000 coins brand - most are even clearly below.

The most expensive card with just over 6,000 coins is Wolfsburg-Keeper Castels, who also brings this a 86 score. If you want to push the price of the team a bit, but you can also easily use other keepers who are a bit challenging.

Otherwise, the team offers a healthy mix of tempo (painting, Sané, Diaby), Ball Control (Reus, Sabitzer) and Defensive Strength (CAN, Lacroix, Upamecano). With Roussillon and Mbabu you also have two fast outer chests.

Overall, this team will cost you about 30,000 coins. Alternatives with which you could rebuild the team, are:

Mukiele (RV) Gnabry (RM) Müller (ZOM)

Bundesliga team in Fut for a Middle Budget

What is that for a team? In the second team, we have tried to upgrade some positions with better players without blasting the price frame of 100,000 coins overall. Therefore, some players are preserved due to missing, stronger options within this budget in the team.

New is Erling Haaland, which currently costs about 13,500 coins and can convince as one of the most popular strikers in FIFA 22.

The most expensive card in the team is Alphonso Davies with 25,500 coins, which is quite worth this prize with its extremely high pace and great dribbling as an offensive left-back. We also sit in this variant Müller and Gnabry - but you can continue to sit here on Reus and Sané.

In the internal defense, we chose the inform map of Gvardiol for about 10,000 coins. Gvardiol offers a good combo from Tempo, Defensive and Physis. Right outside Mbabu remains in the team due to lack of better alternatives.

Strong Bundesliga team in Fut for a big budget

What is this for a team? In this team players who can already cost a lot of coins in detail. Nevertheless, we have excluded players who require prices in the six-digit area - so we come to a total price of about 250,000 coins. As you come to coins, the trading guide shows you to FIFA 22.

An important new entry is here Robert Lewandowski, which has not too much pace, but scores with shot and dribbling.

Behind it, you can get a very balanced tens with Nkunkus Totw card, which is supported by the defensive Zakaria and Kimmich. Outside you can upgrade Gnabry to the inform card - but this is not absolutely necessary if you want to save the coins.

In the IV, Tapsoba is added, whose RTTK card also has opportunities for upgrades. In the box, Meanwhere is Manuel new, the most valued goalkeeper of the Bundesliga.

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The most expensive Bundesliga team in Fut for rich

What is this for a team? You have coins without end and do not need to worry about budgets? Then you will find here the currently most expensive Bundesliga team (without icons).

There you can install the super card from Goretzka, which is not even the most expensive card in this troop with 80,000 coins. This title can be over 400,000 coins of the RTTK map of Marco Reus, which can also get upgrades. Also upgrade options have updoMecano as OTW as well as Sané and Mukiele (RTTK), which are accordingly more expensive.

In addition, you can set up two HERO cards with Kohler and Gomez, both of which cost between 80,000 and 90,000 coins, the whole thing is around the TOTW card of Kimmich as well as Coman, Davies and Neuer, which we already know from the previous teams. Overall, the cost point of this team is about 1,500,000 coins. But that is really worth it is rather questionable. Finally, there are numerous cheap cards that also have great values. A pair of them can be found here: 7 strong players in FUT below 50,000 coins.


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