EA suffers a small collapse in the bag after discussing their discussions with FIFA, but it is recovering

The Union of European Football Associations (Officially French Union of the Associations Europénes de Football [ɥɛfa]; German Union European football associations [UEːFA] called), short UEFA [Juːeɪfə], is the European Football Association. UEFA is a non-profit association within the meaning of Article 60 ff. Of the Swiss Civil Code and registered in the commercial register. UEFA is one of the Six Continental Confederations of the World Football Association FIFA and includes 55 national football associations of individual countries and areas that are not all within the geographical boundaries of Europe.

The EA offices are suffering from an earthquake because of one of their most iconic deliveries: FIFA, as a soccer franchise, could venture to a future still uncertain . And the information that falls to droppers not only warns of a drastic change in the saga, but also suggests that the video game publisher is going through strange moments with the future of its franchise. Something that has accumulated in agreements, discussions and probabilities that have been impacted in EA through a small collapse in stock .

EA is already recovering from the small collapse in stock Although the editor is already recovering from the bump , it should be noted that said phenomenon has occurred as soon as the New York Times took out to light a requirement Economic by FIFA, the Football Federation. In this sense, the organization wanted to renew the game mark as long as EA will pay twice as stipulated in the last agreement, which currently amounts to 150 million dollars a year .

After this news, it implies a possible rejection by EA that has led him to look for other names for the franchise, the editor has suffered a sudden collapse in which is recovering quickly . However, it has been a moment that has made the alarms skipped through the possible consequences for EA. At the moment, everything has been in a scare, but also reflects the importance of FIFA as Federation of Soccer in the development of video games of the franchise.

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But not all is lost. To launch some light among so much uncertainty, EA has already confirmed the renewal of its agreement with FIFPro, the International Footballers Federation, which will allow offer the greatest and most authentic football experience . And although the future of the brand is still to be decided, FIFA 22 has been placed in the market as a real success , since it has led sales in Spain with bestial numbers. Figures for nothing surprising if we take into account the great jump that has given the franchise, as you can read in our FIFA 22 analysis.


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