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DAYS GONE DEVELOPING WORK LISTS can insinuate the next Studio game

We know dias past Studio Bend Studio is working on a new open world IP. In other words, it is not working dias past 2. This has already been confirmed, but it is all that has been confirmed. Unfortunately, we still do not have details about what is working exactly on Oregon s headquarters. However, what we do have is a series of new job offers that apparently insinuate where the game is found, which in turn indicates how far it is of its launch. At this time, Ben Studio is hiring for 14 posts. This is not so much if it is considered that the study has approximately between 125 and 150 employees. However, each and every one of the positions are high. Most of these high-level vacancies are limited to programming and art, two parts of the development of the game that are crucial for all stages of development, but especially for preproduction. In other words, the number of high-level positions that currently have not been fulfilled in the study may indicate that the game is in the earl

Free PlayStation Plus games for November 2021 potentially filtered

It seems that free November 2021 games for PlayStation Plus have been filtered before the Official Revelation of PlayStation , as well as the previous October and September titles . While all this should be taken with a salt grain, said grain continues to decrease the accuracy of the same filter in recent months. The free video games of PlayStation Plus of November 2021 are, if the filtration is accurate, The Walking Dead: saints and sinners for PlayStation VR, Kingdoms of Amalur : Re-Reckoning for PlayStation 4, problem of first class for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and Knockout City for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. As with the filtrations of previous months, this information comes from Dealabs Billbil-kun user. In addition to the above, the filtration indicates that some regions could add the sexy brutal to the list plus or as a replacement of KINGDOMS OF Amalur: Re-Reckoning. All this is added to other Titles of PlayStation VR that will arrive at PlayStation Plus,

MLB, World Series: Atlanta Braves against Houston 2: 1 Front

Against the Houston Astros there was a 2-0 on Friday night . In the series, the Braves now lead 2: 1. The title gain needs four victories. The two upcoming games are also in Atlanta. The next one is already on Saturday evening (local time). For grubby weather with persistent rain, the Braves left the first hit of Astros on Friday night (local time) only in the eighth inning. In points, the guests could not have the hits but not. The Atlanta Braves brought the championship so far three times, most recently 1995. For the Astros, the title 2017 was the only one in the World Series so far. Despite a proven fraud, the team was allowed to keep the championship. Now it has been known for the first time the allegations two years ago again in the final series.

Should you purchase AirPods before Black Friday?

Black Friday AirPods deals are several of one of the most in-demand offers on the racks come November, but with many merchants releasing early discounts, it s easy to question if you must acquire AirPods before Black Friday itself and when the main sales kick-off. That impulse is even harder to combat off right currently, with a brand-new collection of third-generation buds striking the marketplace, as well as a mid-cycle refresh to the AirPods Pros looking like well. There s been a great deal of activity worldwide of AirPods lately. Not just are the brand-new releases now offered, however their results on previous versions costs are a little unusual. We re seeing AirPods Pro costs, for instance, climbing ahead of the November sales, which means you ll have to be especially mindful when surfing for deals ahead of Black Friday. So, when should you get AirPods before Black Friday, and also when should you hold the line? We re looking back through years of rate history and utilizing our

FIFA 22: Achievements Michail Antonio Rulebreakers - Requirements for redeeming Halloween card

EA Sports has announced that there are available achievements that allow you to unlock the version. Break rules of Michail Antonio for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode. Those who break the rules change their previous game styles and are transformed into players with different features updating some statistics. You can play with some of your favorite players, creating a different lineup as never before. The new letters of Rulebreakers will also be available at FUT 22 through challenges and achievements of squad creation. You can redeem the English attacker card that plays in West Ham United by completing the objectives available at was. Friendly accuracy: Brand with a precision shot in 11 Friendly Friendly Futy games: Red Bonds. Head: Brand 3 head goals in live friendly FUT: Red Bonds. Physical Steps: Provides 4 attendances using players with at least 75 FIS in Fut Live Friendlies: Red Bonds. Insegui glory: Win for at least 2 goals in 4 different Fut Live Friendly Matches: Red Bonds.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks tremble the comeback victory against Spurs

Luka Dončić (born February 28, 1999 in Ljubljana) is a Slovenian basketball player who has been active in North American Profiliga NBA for Dallas Mavericks since 2018. He is considered the greatest talent in European basketball and has already received numerous individual awards at a young age - including the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) of the Euroleague and the League ACB and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. After a wander up and down the Dallas Mavericks have a concise 104: retracted 99 win over the San Antonio Spurs. The Mavs struggling thanks to the strong banking from a 20-point deficit back before even Luka Dončić gets going. Maxi adhesive sets a Karrierebestwert. Dallas Mavericks (3-1) - San Antonio Spurs (1-4) 104: 99 (Boxscore) The starters of the home side got off to a disastrous start, Dallas was quickly with 20 points behind. Then there was the second unit to Maxi adhesive and Jalen Brunson who breathed the Mavs new life. The Guard put 19 points, 7 rebounds and 5

Exactly how to Win a PS5 With PlayStation Seize the Throne Event

Game of Thrones (English for Game of Throne, often abbreviated with Got) is an American fantasy television series of David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for the US cable end HBO. The critics praised and commercially successful series is based on the Roman series A Song of Ice and Fire ( The Song of Ice and Fire ) of the US writer George R. R. Martin, which initially also participated in the series. However, the later seasons always deviate from the book template. The plot is located in a fictitious world and plays on the continents Westeros and Essos. The seven kingdoms of Westeros resemble the European Middle Ages and are shielded by a huge wall of ice from an area of ​​eternal winter in the north. Spring, summer, autumn and winter can last several years or even decades, their length is variable and unpredictable. The story begins at the end of a long summer and is first told in three actions largely parallel. Between the mighty nobility houses of the empire, tensions build, which eventuall

FIFA 22: Rulebreakers Event starts tomorrow - brings unique players

INFIFA 22 starts on Friday, October 28, the event Rulebreakers. We show you what s in the event and what you can expect for card types. When starts Rulebreakers? The Rulebreakers Event in Ultimate Team launches as usual at 19:00 on Friday evening. This shows a new charging screen in Fut, which indicates the new event. It follows with the RTTK event in which dynamic maps related to real football have been published. At the Rulebreakers event, however, you can count on players who basically have the opposite of a real subscription to football. What these are for cards, we show you here. What cards brings the Rulebreakers event? These are Rulebreakers cards: We already know the Rulebreakers from FIFA 21. There it was players who leave their old game style - and by getting newly diced values. Such an example was Harry Kane. The Englishman is usually known for its strong degree, not for its pace. But his Rulebreakers card was simply a 91 to the speed, which made him effectively mad

Black Friday 2021: The best in advance

The Black Friday 2021 is getting closer and online shops warm up with some attractive gaming deals for the big event. We give you the overview of the best gaming deals of the year. On November 26, this year s Black Friday takes place - and bargain hunters can now look forward to several days full of strong offers. For many dealers, the Deals time finally starts with a little lead - The Cyber-Week runs at Amazon this year officially from 22 November to 5 December. Even with MediaMarkt, Saturn, Otto and other shops you can set ourselves on great deals around Tech and Gaming at this time. Of course we inform you about the most attractive offers. Complies with these gaming deals on the shopping event Already now you can grab at some dealers attractive gaming offers. We show you the best deals here, who are already worthwhile before the Black Friday. Saturn: 3 games for 49 euros (until 31 October) Media market: Samsung TV Super Deals with Cashback Amazon: Storage products from SanD

Little Devil Inside: Neues Action

Last night, the PS5 revelation event took place under the motto The Future of Gaming . In addition to a variety of games, the console itself was revealed. On the other hand, well-known franchises came before, which get a new offshoot, but on the other hand completely new playing brands. Among them was the Zelda-like action roleplay Little Devil Inside . This is exactly how it is Ein action-adventure role-playing with survival elements that takes place in an atmospheric, semi-open world. In the official trailer you can see a knight that explores a hostile world and experiencing different adventures. On the other side you can see an old man who leads a noble life. In the end, it can be seen him with a series of warriors that he picks up his sword. Presumably, there will be two parallel stories here, which overlap in the course of the plot. Particularly striking is the art style of the game. In addition to a lot of action, the trailer points to different gameplay elements such as th

FIFA 20 s new trailer presents its new ranking system

Pro Evolution Soccer (officially abbreviated as PES, and known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 5 in its Japanese version) is a soccer videogame for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, which was launched for sale in 2001. It is the first Video game of the PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER series. World Soccer: Winning Eleven 5 Final Evolution was also launched in Japan after the release of PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER in Europe. PES was succeeded by Pro Evolution Soccer 2, which was launched in 2002. FIFA brings some changes to how the players presented in the game will get their rankings. Like most sports games, the rankings of real world athletes are somewhat arbitrary. It is relatively difficult to assess the capabilities of professional football players in a match. FIFA 20, however, asserts the most accurate ranking system to date. FIFA has just published a trailer, Kaka, Raheem Sterling and Joao Felix, to present this new system. Rankings would be based on a new bunker system. Which does not tell us m

FIFA 22 SBC Totw improvements, cheap solutions to get an IF card for your team

The SBC that we bring you will only ask for a team with an overall rating of 83 and a chemistry of 70 in FIFA 22 to obtain a player of the team of the week (Totw) at random. Not bad, because if you re lucky you can touch one of the best players of the week. You will get a player of totw that can be of the current or one-come-watch team if you save it for later, waiting for your dream card to come out. Price of this SBC 12,000 coins SBC solution totw improves Honestly, do not he hesitate to do this SBC several times. It costs nothing and could give large fruits, even if the resulting player is intransferable, since it could significantly improve your team at FUT 22. And besides, if you are not happy with the letter you can always use it in a future SBC where you can use it Add this type of cards. Contented MGG FR

FIFA 22: The 4 best Bundesliga

You want to build a team 22 Ultimate Team? Here we show you rewarding teams for different coin budgets. That s why it is worthwhile to build teams: In FIFA 22, the transfer market in Ultimate Team is unusually low. Cards that would have been noticeably more expensive in earlier offspring of the series, there are sometimes already for very little coins. An example is Robert Lewandowski, which has the second highest gold card in FIFA 22 in the rating. The attacker costs just about 35,000 coins. A real bargain for a 92 card. Such examples can be found any amount. Therefore, it can now be worthwhile to look more comprehensive what cards are well suited for their own team. Here you will find a little inspiration if you want to play with Bundesliga players in Ultimate Team. We show you teams for small, medium and large budgets. The teams were compiled with the Squad Builder of the Futbin page (via Futbin). Best Bundesliga team in fut for little coins What is that for a team? In thi

NBA News: Michael-Jordan

The 16th of October is the 289th day of the Gregorian calendar (290. in manual years), thus staying 76 days until the end of the year. For the record amount of converted 1.26 million euros, a few old basketball shoes have been auctioned by Michael Jordan. As much as those $ 1.472 million at an auction of the Sotheby s house has never been paid for shoes worn by a sports star. Jordan played in the fifth match of his rookie season at the Chicago Bulls in 1984 in the white leather fades with the red Nike Swoosh . The price, which was paid for you in Las Vegas, exceeds the previous record clearly: In August 2020, almost 530,000 euros were paid for another pair of basketball shoes Jordan. The now auctioned record boots ( Nike Air Ships ) were signed by Jordan and a gift to Tommie Tim III Lewis, a ball boy of Denver Nuggets in the 1984/85 season. Whether the bottom will have long stock is questionable: Trading with sports memorabilia is booming. Articles and videos about the topic Exper

EA suffers a small collapse in the bag after discussing their discussions with FIFA, but it is recovering

The Union of European Football Associations (Officially French Union of the Associations Europénes de Football [ɥɛfa]; German Union European football associations [UEːFA] called), short UEFA [Juːeɪfə], is the European Football Association. UEFA is a non-profit association within the meaning of Article 60 ff. Of the Swiss Civil Code and registered in the commercial register. UEFA is one of the Six Continental Confederations of the World Football Association FIFA and includes 55 national football associations of individual countries and areas that are not all within the geographical boundaries of Europe. The EA offices are suffering from an earthquake because of one of their most iconic deliveries : FIFA, as a soccer franchise, could venture to a future still uncertain . And the information that falls to droppers not only warns of a drastic change in the saga, but also suggests that the video game publisher is going through strange moments with the future of its franchise. Something t

Totw 4 Fut FIFA 22 with Depay, Oyarzabal and Mané, Available

FIFA 22 hTeam shared the room Team of the week . The well-known Team Totw points to the best players of the lTeamt day in League, which on this occTeamion coincides with the team of selections. Players are already available Team part of the opening of envelopes for a limited time or through the transferable market. FIFA calls for folding the income you receive from EA Sports for using your license, according to New York Times FIFA 22: When are the teams of the week (totw) at Fut? Fourth team of the week in FIFA 22 The list is composed of the most prominent players with their national sets. In the cTeame of Laliga Santander members, we only found three: DEPAY, OYARZABAL and WU LEI . The Dutch is rewarded by him with a letter that gives him a push to the bTeamic version of him. International Break Means Some TTeamty In-Forms. No ???? Necessary. TOTW 4 IS AVAILABLE NOW IN FUT. FIFA22 EA Sports FIFA (@ETeamportSfifa) October 13, 2021 Then we leave you

Basketball: Bamberg conquers table management

Brose Bamberg remains unbeaten in the basketball Bundesliga . In the top game against the former leaders MLP Academics Heidelberg won Bamberg with 72:68 (45:35). The climber from Baden-Württemberg, which until shortly before the end was the chance for an extension, was conceded his first defeat. Best thrower The game was Heidelberg s Shy Ely with 19 points. Master Alba Berlin has returned to the League with a clear 92:74 (38:43) with the EWE Baskets Oldenburg. Thanks to a strong third quarter (28:11), the capital city club moved easily after the break and held the Lower Saxony at a distance. While there is a positive trend after the second season success, the playoff candidate from Oldenburg (1: 3) of the false start is perfect. Best thrower at the guests Oscar da Silva was with 21 points. Louis Olinde (18 meters) could also convince. Successful experience for FC Bayern A success experience succeeded by FC Bayern Munich. At 71:64 (28:27) After extension against the Job Stairs